Previously known as Wild Dog Conservation Malawi, Carnivore Research Malawi (CRM) aims to conserve carnivores in Malawi through applied research, conservation and education. WDCM changed to CRM in January 2015 due to the large volume of wider carnivore research and conservation activities being undertaken by the team.

CRM works in collaboration with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Malawi (DNPW), the University of the West of England and Nottingham Trent University UK.

CRM aims to:

  1. Conduct applied conservation research to inform the conservation management of carnivores in Malawi
  2. Minimize human wildlife conflict and promote coexistence between carnivores and people in surrounding communities
  3. Conduct a threat and status assessment of carnivores in Malawi
  4. Raise awareness of the importance of carnivores and biodiversity
  5. Build capacity in conservation management of carnivores in Malawi

Current Projects

CRM conducts a range of applied carnivore conservation research across Malawi in the following areas:

Urban Hyaena Research Project

We are researching the population of urban spotted hyaena (Crocuta crocuta) in Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi.

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carnivores and landscapes project

We are conducting applied research to assess the behavioural plasciticy and staus of carnivores across landscapes in Malawi.

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Nyika Carnviore Project


We are monitoring carnivore populations in Nyika NP to assess distrbution, abundance and behavioural ecology of the guild living in the park.

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CRM works in Partnership with


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